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Live Group, 6/1: Embracing Fear Motivation


2 hours


Fear sets the foundation.

Fear creates safety. 

Need transference pulls us out of our own sense of security. 

Distorted insecurity drives us to be needy of others. 

As a Fear motivation person, this is one aspect of my design that I puzzled over in the beginning. The word “fear” has a bad rap, and just like so many other terms in human design, what we mean in HD isn’t what it means in the general, mainstream sense. 

In this intimate live workshop on June 1, we’ll explore what fear motivation is really about and how to embrace it as part of your design. Part lecture, part individual hot-seats looking at your design, this will offer a blend of learning and guidance to embody all of your design.

We’ll cover: 

• Fear and its relationship with the 1st tone and it’s corresponding stream/gates in the bodygraph

• Reframing fear as the security/insecurity dance - and how this neither about eliminating fear nor being controlled by fear, but finding equilibrium

• Communalism vs separatism

• The role your profile plays in how fear shows up for you (harmony, resonance, dissonance) 

• The interplay between fear motivation and your authority

• How to become more aware of all these forces and embrace how Life wants to move through you

Everyone has a motivation, and just like any other part of your design, it serves a purpose. Step one is to embrace it. 

What's Inside

- Lifetime access to material (video and/or PDF guide)
- Recording is shared for all small group live workshops