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Manifesting Generator Type & Strategy

Video Length

33 mins


An overview of the most important pieces of your design: your Type and Strategy.

Everyone falls into one of five different types. Type describes how your energy works, how others experience you, and your unique gifts as a manifesting generator. Strategy is the specific way each type best navigates the world for flow and ease.

This covers:

- The must-know, foundational information of your human design

- What your type is, how it works, and your unique gifts as a manifesting generator

- How to start living like an MG by following your strategy

- What to watch out for when you’re in vs out of alignment as a manifesting generator

*You will also receive a PDF of key reflection questions to refer back to, so you can practice living your Type + Strategy in your daily life. These are the same questions Victoria uses with her coaching clients!

What's Inside

- Lifetime access to video
- Pdf worksheet + reflection questions