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About me

My story

My human design journey

Years ago, I was doing everything I thought I was “supposed” to do - living in a trendy neighborhood in San Francisco, achieving the next level in my career in tech, and running on adrenaline and validation.

…But I also felt exhausted and disconnected.

There was something in me (my body, my spleen), screaming for a change.

I just didn’t know how.

Finding human design and learning I was a Projector was like going from seeing the world in black and white to color. It suddenly all made sense - why I was having chronic health issues (even while meditating, exercising, and drinking green smoothies daily), why I was burnt out, and why I felt I had to tirelessly chase after “success.”

Understanding my design gave me the permission to simply be myself. It gave me the permission to drop the “shoulds” that had been running my life, and also the courage to do things differently from those I saw around me.

It gave me the courage to take a leap into the unknown.

It gave me the clarity to trust myself.

I believe the human design experiment (as we like to call it), is the greatest adventure of my life.

Your journey is your own. I’d love to help you find your flow too.
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Named Human Design Coach to Watch in 2021

My HD ah-ha moments

A few of the major realizations I’ve had from human design that have allowed me to live a life more in flow.


Some examples are:

Learning I’m a Projector

I’m not here to work? My greatest gift is to be a guide? …The earliest descriptions I read about being a Projector felt like a simultaneous relief and wake-up call. Instead of beating myself up or thinking something was wrong with me for struggling to “keep up” with those around me, I started to cultivate compassion and understanding for myself. I reframed “work” as the impact I have based on my gifts to see deeply instead of a linear quantity of deliverables.

6/2 Profile

I’ve always had a bit of a hermit-side to me (cue angsty teenage years, when I AIM-ed friends “I’m not going coming out tonight, I need to hermit.”). I also had many, many moments of doing all the wrong things in the first phase of my life as a 3rd line profile. During a particularly intense Saturn return period, coming back to the knowledge that I’m a 6/2 who’s meant to go through some profound fires of transformation to emerge as the role model (eventually) is a North Star I keep coming back to.

Open Taste Determination/Digestion

Oh, am I a taste person all the way. From being called “picky” as a kid (I prefer “particular” or “discerning” ;) ) to having the questionable rep of being the one who takes just a bite of something and leaves the rest, I deeply identify with my determination. While it used to be a source of stress (group meals/eating things I don’t “like” feels like the WORST to my body), I love that I freely and easefully own my quirky food preferences now :)

Permission to chart your own course.