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ABOUT Human design

So, what exactly is human design?

Think of it like a compass. A compass that guides you towards a path where things in life follow their natural flow.

Your human design chart, based on the time you were born, outlines how your unique energy and intuition work. Understanding it can allow you to come into greater alignment with your natural state of ease, joy, and ultimately, your highest potential and purpose. 

It combines modern physics with ancient wisdom (including the chakra system, astrology, kabbalah, and the I Ching), to provide a comprehensive view of human nature. Each person falls into one of five types (e.g. Manifestor, Generator, Projector) with a distinct decision-making style.

Here’s how human design can support you

Tune into your intuition and tune out of the mental swirl 
Break the habit of burnout by embracing your design’s energy and pace 
Trust yourself and your path, even when it doesn’t look like anyone else’s 
Relax into who you already are through understanding your unique gifts and purpose 

Get to know your
human design

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Victoria Jane cross legged in Sedona

Hi there, I’m Victoria

I believe every person is here to share something important with the world and do so in a way that feels aligned and effortless. 

Years ago, I was doing everything I thought I was “supposed” to do - achieving a career in Silicon Valley, chasing validation and success...But I was also exhausted, disconnected, and dealing with chronic health issues. 

Something didn’t feel right. 

As I searched for how to heal not just my body, but my spirit, I discovered Human Design. 

Human design changed my life, and I’d love to show you how it can transform yours too.

Victoria Jane with ipad for free download

3 keys to avoid burnout + find balance

Where to look in your chart to discover:

  • The common burnout challenge for your type

  • How you're designed to work/create and find balance

  • How your environment and who you're around affect your work

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