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Frequently Asked Questions

I’d like to book a reading but don’t see a time that works for me. What can I do?
No worries, please email us at with your time zone and some options, and we’ll figure something out!
What resources do you recommend if I want to do more research? 
Here are the tried-and-true resources Victoria recommends. There are plenty of other materials out there, so don’t be afraid to explore on your own too! 

- Book: The Definitive Guide to Human Design. Written by the founder of human design, Ra Uru Hu, this book contains important original language. While it can be a little bit dense if you’re new to human design, this one is a resource you can keep returning to.
- Chart software: Genetic Matrix. Great if you’re obsessively running the charts of everyone in your life and want to keep them organized in one place. There is a free version if you’re getting started, and more complex functionality (connection/couple charts, Saturn and other returns, and more) as you advance. 

Note: The links above contain affiliates, as we only recommend what we personally use. 
Do you do coaching with folks who haven’t had a reading with you? 
If you’ve already worked with human design in other contexts, please reach out and share a bit more about yourself so we can explore if it would be a good fit!
What if I don't know my exact birth time?
While your chart can change from minute-to-minute, for most people the majority of their chart stays the same within the range of a few hours to a day. However - it really just depends on when you were born. There are also people whose charts also completely change in the span of a few hours. 

First: If possible, do your best to find your exact birth time. Past clients have had success reaching out to the hospital, asking relatives, requesting a new copy of their birth certificate (which sometimes has birth time, depending the state/country you live in). 
If that’s not an option (and please don’t feel bad if it’s not!), you have options: you can work with a human design reader to play with the range of times you believe you were born in (i.e. 12-3pm) to track what changes. As mentioned, for most people you’ll still be able to get your type + authority, and possibly more. 

If you want deeper information (such as your determination/how to eat, or anything else related to the arrows), you’ll want an exact time. You can work with a rectification expert to help back into this. Unfortunately the rectification expert we used to recommend is no longer offering sessions, so we don’t have a recommendation at this time.

If you need further assistance, please email us at