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Be seen in your experiment

Waking up to your design is a potentially life changing process. 

It can obliterate everything you thought you knew,
and show you what you never imagined possible. 

This kind of journey is not for everyone. 

But for those for whom it is, I’m here for you.


Permission to be exactly who you are

Whether you’ve had readings in the past or are looking to understand your design for the first time, we can go into whatever depth of your chart is appropriate for you.

I don’t distinguish between different "types" of sessions (ie foundation readings, solar or Saturn/Chiron returns, composite/couple, etc) because as a Projector, my focus is on you. I meet you wherever you’re at, and we discuss whatever aspects of your design that are relevant. 

I blend a strong foundation in the knowledge with embodied awareness. I have been studying human design since 2017, covering everything from substructure (base, tone, color // PHS, environment, view, motivation) to rave cosmology, life cycle analysis, and the many variations of gates, circuits, and streams. As a Hakomi somatic therapy practitioner, I honor your body’s wisdom and can support you in unravelling the not-self voice. 

As a 6/2 on the roof, I have lived experience of the Saturn Return transition and our evolving 9-centered timeline.  I'm likely a good fit if you're looking to be seen and supported in the process of becoming your own authority.

Sessions are $300 and run 60+ minutes.
To schedule email, or use the link below.

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A container to go deep in your process

TLDR: I no longer do "traditional" coaching packages (3-6 month containers, with or without text/voicemail support), because I’ve found that each person’s process is so different and best supported uniquely. 

This is about you becoming your own authority, and packages tended to solidify a “checking in” dynamic. 

That said, if the fit is right, I am honored to work with people over a longer period of time. Just email me so we can discuss what’s best for you.

Compass Study + Mentorship

Orienting in the system of Human Design

For those who want a comprehensive understanding of the Human Design system, Compass is a 15-module self-paced program covering foundational and more advanced aspects of the system. 

Practitioners who want to incorporate human design in their work with others are invited to pair Compass with 1:1 mentorship and certification.

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I got a full body “yes” (I’m a Generator) as soon as I listened to her announcement about the course and knew I wanted in. That feeling was solidified after reaching out and talking to Victoria more about what she was offering.

Before this class, I knew a little about the five energy types, and that was about it. Three months later, I’m giving readings to friends and family, which is exactly what I wanted to be able to do. I wanted to learn so that I could offer this information to the people in my world and hopefully give them some insights and fresh perspectives on their lives through the Human Design lens.

What I love about this course is that not only does Victoria give you all the information you need to be a Human Design reader, but she also gives you the tools you need to make your practice unique and fresh.

I feel confident giving readings now because I know how to read and explain Human Design in a way that will resonate, not only for myself as I filter out the information, but for the individual on the receiving end. Victoria encourages questions and discussions and empowers you to do the same, which makes for an incredibly engaging reading for everyone involved. I can’t recommend this class enough! If you’re looking to be a reader or just to learn as much as you can about Human Design, this is 100% the right course to take.

Amelia B

Working with Victoria was the best investment I've made in a long time. I had quit my job months beforehand and was doing a lot of mindset work. I knew I had a lot of stories from my childhood that led me to have a lot of negative self-talk. However, it wasn't until I worked with Victoria that I was actually able to work through those and get back to my human design. Since working with Victoria, I have a lot less negative self-talk, and when it does pop up, I'm able to notice and identify it, and work through it. I'm much more confident now. Additionally, She listens to your problems, and because of her knowledge of human design, is better able to help you understand what might work for you to solve your own problems/help improve your feelings. She's better than a therapist! I'd highly recommend Victoria to everyone and anyone.

Jeannette O

Victoria is the go-to person for all things Human Design, living your purpose, and moving through the world with intention and purpose. Her readings are comprehensive and you'll walk away with a better understanding of yourself, your relationships, and what you are meant to do in this lifetime.

When I first started working with Victoria, I was at a crossroads in my business and feeling uneasy about next steps. After learning about my Human Design and with Victoria's gentle and open-hearted guidance, I felt much clearer about the direction of my business and confident about sharing my work with the world. I am grateful to be able to step into this next chapter with more ease thanks to Victoria!

Elizabeth S

I wanted to share an experience I had recently with identifying what I need at this point, setting boundaries, and how that came together after the session I had with Victoria.

Recently I started using a dating app for the first time, and this past month I was going on a lot of first dates. The guys I met were cute/smart/successful, but there wasn't necessarily the right chemistry there and I was actually starting to feel more burnt out from it than energized and excited. I've been feeling more drawn to cultivate other areas of my life. However, I kept going on the apps because I still felt I had to put myself out there in some way and wasn't trusting my intuition entirely.

Then I had my first Human Design session with Victoria, and it so resonated. One of the things we talked about was having the trust that even though I feel compelled to pursue "progress", it'll serve me most to remember that I can be manifesting things simply through intention, not always active pursuit - what I'm hoping to manifest can be going on or developing behind the scenes. Such a good reminder for me to re-define what progress is because I can be such a do-er and go-go-go. I hadn't shared the ping I had gotten to pull back from dating until after going through that part of my chart, but the conversation really affirmed that that gut instinct I had most aligned with my design, and I decided that evening to take a hiatus for the time being.  The very next day my boss let me know that she was going to give me a raise. This was a big surprise because I didn’t think I was eligible, and my boss hadn't even let me know she'd been having those conversations. Also, I don't even feel like I've been working that hard. I've def sought more balance in my day-to-day lately, so it was funny to receive that kind of recognition at this point.

If you haven't done an HD session with Victoria yet, I really, really recommend it! It's so personalized and is already helping me get into and understand my flow a lot better in other areas of my life too. We covered A LOT in just one hour, and I'm excited to see the effects of those new understandings. S/O to Victoria! 🙌 🙌

Mary R

Through our session, Victoria brought her own clear voice, insight, and airtight explanations to a variety of aspects of my Human Design. Notably, she subtly directed the conversation in ways that were most productive. For me, that meant not glazing over everything but rather going in-depth on a handful of areas such as my 6th line, open heart center, and the essence of my channels. Thank you for your empowering words that brought my HD to life in a whole new way!

Jackie C

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So I was embarking on this new lifestyle and hoping just to generally kind of uplevel my life. And Victoria was so quintessential in helping me through this uplevel. She really kept me grounded through moving every few weeks and open to new possibilities when it came to my work life. ...She was really able to pivot to my needs and really saw me and saw things that I couldn't see, but did a really good job of not just telling me, as I am a Manifestor so I don't get told what to do very easily. But kind of showing me and it was just really incredible.

The biggest and most life changing result of working with Victoria was really that I can call myself an artist now. Artist was a really loaded, blocked term for me for my whole entire life. And she was able to kind of reflect back all of these blocks that I had and show them in a new light and help me break through it. And then by the time I was finished working with Victoria, which we worked together for three months, I was selling it and getting commissions and posting it on the internet. And now I have my own shop live. And so it's just, I never would have thought a year ago today, nine months ago today, that this is where I would be. And I'm just so thrilled that I'm here and that Victoria was so quintessential in making that happen.

Emily B

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It's actually really hard to even know where to start, and also because I feel like everything I'm going to say sounds so cliche because it was really everything I had hoped for and more. I'll start with I found human design and immediately was drawn to it for all the reasons I think everyone was drawn to it. For 44 years of my life, I lived one way, I did things a certain way, and some things really worked and some things didn't. And I had resigned myself to thinking those things I didn't were just the way it was or it would always be a struggle. The coaching was really, for me, meant to be a guidebook to help me kind of understand more about my chart and how to integrate that in daily life, from how I am as a mother, as a business owner, as a wife, as a friend. And I really thought that's what it would be, kind of a fun guidebook to walk away with, and it ended up being so much more than that. It ended up being so incredibly transformational in ways that are really hard to put into words, but it was such supercharged therapy, and that is really thanks to Victoria. I mean, she has such an amazing gift...

I will conclude with this, it was by far the best investment I've ever made on myself. I would do it again in a heartbeat. In fact, I will do it again. I feel like there's been an upleveling that's happened, and I'm excited to live this version of myself that I knew existed, but maybe I didn't think I'd get to touch, or see, or glimpse so soon. And she's a master chart reader, but what she brings is so almost intangible, it's hard to put into words. It's like you're talking to a friend. It's like she doesn't want to be anywhere else but there. She has a curiosity about her that you can feel it through Zoom. And it really was a transformative experience and I would recommend it. I do recommend it with all of my heart. Thank you, Victoria.

Sarah W

Victoria, I so enjoyed connecting. It’s one thing for me to try and do the research myself about my chart but it’s another when you are able to get an expert's view. Your perspective gave me a better understanding on how to tune into my design in a way that feels effortless now. You were able to clear up the areas I was having a hard time finding the lingo for. Thanks for taking the time to listen in return! I feel you will have a special touch on many people's lives to come.

Ellie R

I just want to say a massive thank you for the heartwarming reading today. I loved it so much. It really was such a wonderful, important and supportive experience. I’m enjoying digesting all that you mentioned and will listen back to the audio as a reference this week and probably go back to it along the way! Thank you again, I’m still on a high :)

Mia S

I can highly recommend to have a reading and co-create with beautiful Victoria. She is so lovely and helpful and you can feel so safe to be you with her. I wanted a really specific reading for my purpose in life. Victoria explained my purpose so easily and clear. She could really see through the whole chart and explain it in an easy and understanding way. Now, I really feel so much clearer on what I am on this planet to do. Also, everything she said to me on the reading resonated so well with me.

Kaja F

Victoria gave me an incredibly delightful and insightful HD reading! She really highlighted my unique gifts and saw me for who I am. Her reading reinforced the feeling I have that deep down I already know I am special!

At the same time, it wasn't all fluff and bunnies, Victoria helped me understand my shadow side as well. She gave me tools to get back into flow when I get out of alignment. But, she didn't try to invalidate my patterns or make them "bad", and instead taught me to reframe them as growth opportunities. I am really looking forward to applying what I learned to my life!

I particularly want to highlight Victoria's organizational skills and level of detail - my reading was so relevant, it seemed practically psychic! Even though she was delivering a lot of information, I took it in easily because it felt like an extended heart-felt compliment.

An important thing when looking to do this kind of work is that you want someone who walks the talk, and Victoria totally has her shit together. If you are curious about HD, and want to work with someone who will not only deliver the goods, but also empower you, you've got to work with Victoria!


Victoria. This was BEYOND amazing. I've already listened to the whole thing twice now. I can't really put into words how freeing some of this information felt... Not only did it call out specifics and help me find more peace with some of my struggles, but it also helped me realize how on-purpose I am really living my life right now. It also made sense of a few things that I have always felt but never have been able to put words to. Truly, so incredibly helpful. I will probably listen a few more times :)

Maria McDonald