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Victoria Jane

Victoria guides growth-oriented folks to use their Human Design to live with less hustle and more flow. “I had a wonderful, very insightful reading with Victoria. I have a lot of life changes happening and Victoria was able to give me clarity on the areas of my chart that offer guidance that I wasn’t aware of. She really helped me better understand my profile and also to see the positive side of areas I had seen as negative or challenging.”

Certified HDCC

Christina Rice
Human Design for Business & Manifestation

Christina is an intuitive channel, author, celebrity healer, the founder of Ahai™ 7D Energy Healing, and is a 2/4 Generator with a Sacral Authority. Christina discovered energy healing and her intuitive gifts when she reached her breaking point with multiple chronic illnesses. By age 25 she had fully healed and built a 7-figure business with the help of divinely channeled messages, energy work, brain rewiring, manifestation, her background as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and Human Design. Christina has transformed thousands of lives and businesses by helping people expand their perception of what is possible, tap into their intuition, and master the energetics of their health, relationships, and businesses. (Use code VICTORIA for $400 off her No BS Biz School program!)

Tanya Reyes
Alignment & authentic expression. Family relationships.

I am a 5/2 Reflector from British Columbia, Canada! When I first found Human Design it was as if the fog cleared and all of a sudden my life made sense. Pulling up someone's chart and telling them why I think they're so special has quickly become one of my favorite things in the world! Though I love to dive deep into all things spiritual and energy-related, my approach to Human Design is very grounded and practical. I love to use a lot of real-life examples to help you digest and integrate the information. To re-align with our natural way of being is to infuse our lives with more ease, clarity, and authenticity - and that is what I aspire to bring to each client I work with!

Sandy Yang
subconscious reprogramming, manifestation, energy healing

Sandy is a Brain Rewiring Certified Coach, 7D Energy Healer, and Human Design Coach based in San Diego, CA. She is a projector with 1/3 profile and emotional authority. During her career in public accounting, Sandy knew clearly she deeply wanted to help individuals in a more meaningful way beyond taxes. She came across Human Design in 2019 and it reconnected her with a passion to guide others. Eventually, she left accounting and is finally living her life full of freedom, doing what she loves. Sandy is passionate about sharing Human Design and making it digestible, actionable, and empowering for others so they can step into their authenticity fearlessly and manifest the life they deserve. In her free time, Sandy loves barre fitness, having unfiltered conversations on podcasts, and nerding out on finances.

Jennah Jacobs
Chronic pain, autoimmune illness, hypermobility syndrome, movement routines

Jennah Jacobs is an intuitive movement coach, yoga teacher, & human design reader. She struggled for years with chronic pain and autoimmune illness and is now passionate about helping people feel more comfortable and capable in their bodies. She believes in a compassionate, holistic, and functional approach to movement training and uses a variety of tools to inform her work with clients such as biomechanics, somatics, human design, and brain rewiring. She is a 5/1 emotional manifestor who loves sharing human design with others because of the profound impact it has had on her, as well as her clients, friends, and family.

Naomi Nakamura
Human Design for Health

Naomi Nakamura is a 1 / 3 Splenic Projector and Human Design Coach for women struggling with stress, fatigue, and burnout. She believes that Human Design teaches us how to love and trust ourselves by providing a framework for body, mind, and emotional awareness exploration. She is also certified in Integrative and Functional Nutrition, the 21-Day Sugar Detox coaching program, and has also received training in how to address environmental toxins. She’ll help you optimize your health, find balance, and upgrade your energy so you can live life with freedom, ease, and empowerment. When not working, she’s with her puppy girl, Coco Pop, watching SF Giants baseball & indulging in a Pressed Juicery freeze.