May 24, 2022

My Sedona Recs!

As I end my year in Sedona, it feels like a good time to share my favorite recs, as many of you have asked me! 

As a taste cognition, taste determination with gate 8, I’m more than happy to talk up the very specific things I love 😉


I pretty much only eat out at two places in Sedona and they have somewhat inconvenient hours (close by 4-5pm), but hey - I want what I want, and having anything else feels terrible. It works for a 2nd color, 2nd tone being. 

My go-to's

  • Chocolatree - Your typical healthy-hippie fare. Soups, salads, raw crackers; lots of seeds and veggies, everything is GF DF. Dessert and an overwhelming number of drink options. (If you get a drink here, consider ordering it less or unsweetened - they tend to have a heavy hand with the maple). Beautiful garden to sit in where there’s a high likelihood of overhearing classic Sedona conversations. 
  • Local Juicery - More of a hip/cool feel, lots of white and plants. Smoothies, juices, and to-go salads. You can also pick up all the other wellness goods here (like adaptogens/supplements, moon juice, bee products, protein powders, etc). 

If you need some other options for dinner: 

  • Elote Cafe - Southwestern/Mexican. You’ll need to make a reservation several weeks out. 
  • Hiro’s - Solid Japanese. Really nice staff. 
  • Picazzo’s - If you need another gluten-free option. 

Grocery store

  • One of my quirks is to always visit the grocery store when I travel…tasting during my travels. Interdependence is the local grocery here. Everything you can’t find at Whole Foods, plus local organic produce + flowers when it’s available.  

Farmers market

  • On Sundays. Small, cheery vibe. Note: It’s the desert so there's a limited selection of produce, but lots of local vendors nonetheless.

Cacao + drinks 

  • Synergy - Truffles + cacao drinks. I personally prefer their chocolate, which is sweetened with coconut sugar, over any of the other options in town!  
  • Lacuna - Kava bar, cash only. Nice place to get your chill on. 


  • Harding Spring: Gathering my own spring water has been a magical ritual I've been so grateful for. The spring is about 30m from Sedona, halfway on the way to Flagstaff.
  • Water Store: If you're a hydro hippie, you'll love this spot. Lots of super-friendly folks slinging a variety of alkaline, super-charged, structured water tumbled over crystals.

Hikes + nature

There are SO many hikes I’m not going to choose a favorite. While the popular hikes are beautiful and popular for a reason (Cathedral, Devil’s Bridge, Bell Rock etc) , you really can’t go wrong with any hike. The lesser known trails = fewer people, obviously :) 

  • For shores folks, try to get up on any of the rocks/mountains to catch a great sunset.  
  • For caves folks, there are tons of actual caves here too (Birthing Cave, Subway), so for caves people, it could be super fun to check out a real cave or two and see how you feel. Def let me know what you think if you do! 
  • Of course there’s vortexes to check out. My personal favorite are the vortexes at the beginning of Boynton Canyon (Kachina Woman + Warrior Man), which you can do alone or as a stop when you do the whole trail. 


  • The Living Room is a cozy basement space with some cool conscious artists (I’ve seen Equanimous and Mose here!). Check their page to see what’s on. 
  • Conscious dance, sound healing, and lots of other things at Sun Moon Studio
  • Both Synergy and Lacuna also have events in the evenings, so check their schedules! 


Lots of woo-shops if you need another crystal or pendulum. Crystal Magic is extensive and Center for the New Age (though it can get a little touristy).

Sedona has been such a special and magical place to/for me. If you check out of any of the above places, please let me know! 

x Victoria