June 12, 2022

Physical Deconditioning: My Parasite Cleanse with Rachel Vineyard

Deconditioning can be a physical process - the “issues are in the tissues,” as they say. Victoria interviews her practitioner Rachel Vineyard about her parasite protocol to clean up the root cause of chronic health issues as well as their mental-emotional-spiritual ties to common conditioning blocks like unworthiness to find greater ease in the experiment!

  • An update from Victoria on whether finding love and belonging “outside of yourself” as an undefined G is really a problem (it’s not)
  • The role physical deconditioning plays in feeling more aligned with your design - especially the undefined ego
  • Rachel’s design: 6/2 Emotional Generator
  • How Rachel aligns her business decisions with her emo authority and the changes she’s seen
  • Victoria’s initial hesitation with doing another protocol
  • How do you know if you have parasites? How do you get them?
  • Addressing symptoms like sleep issues and mental health - and going beyond the bean protocol
  • The energetic-spiritual connection between physical parasites and parasitic conditioning + beliefs


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