September 21, 2021

Rooftop party + color beyond the binary with Vaness Henry

Model Manifestor Vaness Henry joins Victoria to chat about variable (the arrows), color (the information under the arrows

- 1. digestion aka determination aka PHS, 2. environment, 3. View, and 4. Motivation) - and moving beyond the binary. We also reflect on the lessons of the 6/2 experience.

We dive into:

-A binary vs spectrum approach to variable

-Specific examples for high/low Sound and open/closed Taste

-Natural vs artificial Shores environment

-Vaness’s experiment by the water vs Victoria’s move to the desert -- do you REALLY have to be by the water?

-The important of soul mates for 6th lines...and Vaness’s experience of her relationship transitioning from a 3rd line phase to on the roof phase (with her 6/2 partner)

-To find your color information: you can DIY on Genetic Matrix or work with a reader.