January 27, 2022

Six Lessons for 6th Lines Getting on the Roof

In human design, the entire seven-year cycle surrounding the date of Saturn return is considered your Saturn return period, so +/- 3.5 years on either side - well beyond the traditional 28-29 that’s referenced astrologically. Last year I finally wrapped up this cycle, and as a 6th line being, I’ve finally welcomed myself on the roof and into the second phase of my life 🙌

Dusty, tired, relieved, and much much lighter than I’ve ever felt in my entire life, I now sit from my protected perch on the roof and review.

➡ Here are my top six “what I wish I knew then” reflections. (And even if you're not a 3/6, 4/6, 6/2 or 6/3 profile, these lessons can be helpful to consider for any big transitions).

1. You can’t bypass the sticky, painful parts.

(Aka you can’t remove, speed up, or eliminate the intensity of your 3rd line phase - or any other part of your design).

I know, it sucks. I’ve been there too - the health, career, identity, ancestral, and relationship crises. The feeling lost, angsty, and restless (especially with a defined root). The desperate searching for your path, which is all the more frustrating when it seems like people around you have figured it out.

It’s uncomfortable. And - it’s part of the process. For a 6th line, every precious 3rd-line-phase experience is like:

  • The heat that seasons a cast iron to be gracefully nonstick 🍳
  • The pressure of the mountain that turns raw earth into a brilliant diamond 💎
  • The charming scuffs on a beloved piece of vintage jewelry 👑

So hang in there, dear. Strap in for the ride, and trust yourself. You can’t bypass your design, but it also won’t ever fail you. Your design always points the way to the highest expression of your gifts.

2. Be open to everything changing.

To go from living like a 3rd line to actually being on the roof as a 6th line is a drastic perspective shift that I’m not sure can fully be described, only experienced.

But here we are, so let me try: you go from being out in the world, on the ground, sometimes rolling around in the mud…to finding a magical ladder that takes you up and away. To get some distance, to see things from another angle.

As your perspective changes, what you thought you wanted as a 3rd line, what felt so compelling then…doesn’t. You might look back and think: I can’t believe I didn’t see that then. How could I have not noticed?

The relationships I wanted to cultivate, the projects and accomplishments I wanted to achieve slowly or suddenly crumbled away, rearranged, and shifted.

There were moments I felt frustrated, shocked, embarrassed, guilty.

But now, when I look back at what was sacrificed on the altar of my 3rd line experiences, all I can do is feel compassion and gratitude. A veil, which I had no control or awareness of, lifted.

And after moving through all the feelings into acceptance, I’ve arrived at simply feeling humbled. The third line veil was there. I was one thing. And now I’m another.

Which leads to…

3. You (or others) might not recognize yourself anymore

And not only is that okay, it might be necessary. Because what if you never actually were who you truly are?

…so, dear 6th line, as you pick up the pieces of what’s left, are you open to the magic of what it feels like to be reborn on the roof?

4a. Please don’t compare yourself to other people’s timelines...

In human design, “becoming an adult” doesn’t happen until our mid-30’s (after Saturn return). As humanity’s consciousness evolves, we not only live longer, but it takes longer for our full awareness and maturity to develop. It’s ultimately a positive thing - we’re moving towards relating with more depth and acceptance…but it takes time for systems, conventions, and societal expectations to change.

6th lines are here to lead the way in this evolution – but we can feel like total weirdos as it’s happening. (Think of the pressure you might feel seeing a 30 under 30 list, or the friend with a house and two kids by 28). To be clear, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with those things - the whole point of human design is to follow your unique path and truth.

Because as a 6th line, remember:

4b. ...your time horizon is completely different from the other 66% of the population

Imagine hitting your peak at 70…How do you feel when I say that?

It doesn’t mean you can’t have an incredible 30’s, 40’s, 50’s. It means what you share throughout your life is seasoned with the full richness of every moment leading up to it. Your wisdom keeps developing.

Every experience from your 3rd line phase, every observation from being on the roof, and every truth you live out when you get off the roof leads to a deep and potent capacity that others trust.

For most of your reading this, the best is yet to come.

5. Tend to the younger, 3rd line version of you who was but is no longer.

With a transition onto the roof, there is a distinct loss of the you that used to be. At times, I’ve felt a nostalgia for the way I used to show up or be able to push through things. I miss the somewhat clueless resilience I had. Wouldn’t it be nice?!

Yes, that 3rd line you was you. But she doesn’t exist anymore.

And it’s okay to mourn her.

The best way I’ve found to honor my evolution is to celebrate every scrape I got as a 3rd line and without needing to go back in time. Love those who walked with you, even if those bonds were made and then broken.

Because what waits ahead, dear one, are the soul mates (friends, partners, family) you crave.

6. Remember, you are living your purpose - you are here to help humanity evolve its consciousness

Archetypally, the 6th line is the last line before we start a new cycle (back at the 1st line). The unique role we play is that we go through everything ourselves, test it out, pull back to get perspective, and then live our unique truth.

So often I talk to folks who feel lost about their purpose. But what if living your life the best you can is your purpose?

The moments you feel like you “failed,” or took a wrong turn, those are all part of the journey. They allow you to challenge conventionally-accepted solutions that are supposed to work for everyone (5th line), based on your experience, so we can move toward something new and different.

➡ When you zoom out, how has your personal consciousness evolved as you’ve gone through your life?

If this spoke to you and you want more, I invite you to stay tuned for future 6th line offerings.