March 22, 2022

Solar Return: Human Design for Another Lap Around The Sun

Join us for a solo episode about the fascinating topic of the solar return! Victoria breaks down what it is and how you can use the opportunity of your birthday and solar return chart for a fresh perspective on understanding and living your design. She shares examples with the sacral, emotional, and ego centers.

We cover:

  • Life update from the roof
  • Addressing a common question from 6th lines: why you don’t have to do anything on the roof
  • What is a solar return reading?
  • Use cases for when + how to use your solar return to deepen in your human design experiment
  • Victoria’s learnings with different pressure from her solar return(s), especially on the sacral, emotional, and ego centers
  • How to use both transit activation/pressure (whether that’s a solar return or daily transits) and openness to decondition and find your flow