November 11, 2021

Splenic authority field report

Victoria shares details on her personal journey following the (sometimes mysterious) splenic authority after four years. From the early days of trying to figure it out, to the role that physical healing helped play in tuning into it, to some recent examples of crystal-clear splenic hits - this is helpful for anyone who wants to understand the spleen!

We cover:

  • Starting off having no clue what the spleen sounded like - and why this might have been the case
  • The connection between being burnt out, having an amped nervous system, and being able to hear the spleen
  • Tuning into animals as inspiration for how the spleen acts
  • Why Victoria disagrees with “the spleen speaks once and neve again” (hint: FOMO generally isn’t helpful!)
  • Differentiating between the spleen and the mind - especially when they show up together
  • Making in-the-moment decisions about people - dating and firing someone before we’ve even started working together.
  • Tips on how to tune into your spleen more


  • Authority workshops (with key questions on how to live your experiment) it coming soon! (Sign up here to be the first to know).
  • The Gift of Fear book