April 5, 2022

Surprise! Following a Path of Ease with Reflector Tanya Reyes

After completing the Human Design Coaching Certification, Tanya left her corporate job and now reads and mentors others, especially Reflectors. We discuss various facets of taking your time and living with openness. This conversation is a great one no matter where you are in your experiment, sacral or nonsacral.

  • How following her design has led to manifesting a life of ease
  • What surprise feels like, how does it show up? Especially for someone who doesn't like surprises
  • What to do even when you don’t have clarity after a lunar cycle + dealing with the pressure to act  
  • Undefined G needs: why Tanya isn’t moving back to her hometown anytime soon
  • Sleep + space routines with her Generator partner who loves working 15+ hour days
  • Is there such a thing as too much alone time? Two hermits discuss
  • What’s new in Tanya’s experiment, including embracing that her purpose is more about sitting back and *not* leading from the front