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Eating For Your Design


1 hr 25 mins


A comprehensive video on how human design recommends eating to best support your design. 

We cover where to look in your chart to figure out:

  • The best way to support your type/aura
  • How often/regularly you should eat
  • Whether fasting is good for you 
  • How eating around others can affect your hunger levels 
  • If there’s a best environment or time of day for you to eat 

Because it all depends on your design! 

This conversation is ideal for anyone who wants to understand how to support their health, whether you are a coach, parent, or have “tried everything” but are still having health issues! ...You’ll learn about what kind of consuming is best for each of the five types, how the way your brain works affects your food needs, and the six different digestive types (color) and their L/R arrow variations.

What's Inside

- Lifetime access to material (video and/or PDF guide)
- Recording is shared for all small group live workshops