January 3, 2022

Bean protocol, enhanced intuition + living your design with Unique Hammond

Victoria chats with holistic health coach Unique Hammond on the practical and life-changing effects of the bean protocol to support a calmer body, clearer intuition/authority, and living your design.

We cover:

  • Unique’s design: 1/3 emotional MG, with a defined ego. Smell cognition + open taste determination
  • Healing from overdoing / pushing / burnout - especially with a defined root
  • Using your intuition to guide your physical healing
  • How TBP has led to sharper splenic instincts for Victoria
  • The role of fear (fear gates, fear motivation) in navigating healing
  • Retraining our Taste determination - unhooking from sugar, caffeine, etc
  • Benefits of going fragrance-free on TBP for smell and taste cognition
  • How Unique’s smell cognition shows up in daily life

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