May 24, 2022

Wrapping Up in Sedona, Healing, and Dating On The Roof

A solo episode on Victoria’s ongoing experiment with environment, lessons learned in Sedona, and how romantic deconditioning + dating on the roof feels.

  • A shift in how I relate to human design, and seeking more ways to live out the knowledge
  • Closing out my time in Sedona - reflections on what this chapter was all about
  • Signs + the splenic hit on when it was time to leave
  • Why Sedona feels like a valleys environment to me, how I got my shores fix
  • Where to next? Tasting some places as an undefined G
  • Detachment on the roof
  • Deconditioning my relationship with masculine validation + my masculine cleanse
  • Explanation from John Wineland
  • The tension between the soulmate my 6th line personality naturally seeks vs my 2nd line feeling bold (with non-soul mates)
  • 3rd-line-phase dating vs on the roof dating